The Importance of Dental Filling

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Dental fillings are a crucial component of maintaining your oral health. They assist in repairing teeth that have been infected or decayed. Cavities and other tooth issues could get considerably worse without fillings. While most people are familiar with the fundamentals of fillings, there are certain elements about dental filling therapy that you might not be aware of. We’ll talk about the significance of dental fillings in this post.

What are Dental Fillings?

Small materials called tooth fillings are applied to the tooth’s surface. They help your teeth regain their natural appearance and fill any holes that may be present. They are typically made of resin, composite materials, or metal. The dentist near you will choose the type of dental filling material before placing it in your mouth.

The Types of Fillings Available

Listed below are some of the most popular types of materials that are used to craft dental fillings for patients:

  • Silver amalgam

This material is well-liked. A silver amalgam filling is made of more than just silver; it also contains tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. It is a well-known option because it is reliable, affordable, and durable compared to other alternatives. A typical silver amalgam filling is qualified to last 12 years. Due to its moldability, dentists in Sundance find it simple to use.

Its biggest flaw is that it lacks aesthetic appeal, making it a poor choice for a conspicuous tooth. The substance may contract and expand in response to temperature variations, cracking the tooth.

  • Composite resin 

Plastic and resin are used to make composite fillings. It is put inside the tooth when it is still soft, and then it is hardened under a strong curing light. It is a popular choice since it can be made to match the patient’s natural teeth, making it less noticeable than a silver amalgam filling. Composite fillings are also not as durable as some other kinds. They can last for five to ten years at most, at which point a replacement may be necessary.

  • Ceramic 

Because they are made of porcelain, they are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Ceramic fillings are more expensive than other fillings, but they are tooth-colored and top composite resin in terms of stain and abrasion resistance.

Ceramic filling has the drawback of being more brittle than composite filling, so it must be applied to large cavities to prevent breakage. In order to accommodate the additional bulk, the dentist can widen the space.

  • Glass ionomer 

A mixture of glass and acrylic was used to create this filler. Children whose teeth are still growing typically use them. To prevent further decay, they inject fluoride into the tooth. However, because they are less durable than composite resin and are prone to cracking or wearing out, they only last a few years. Normal glass ionomer does not have the same appearance as composite resin.

Why are Dental Fillings Important?

  • Stops tooth decay

Dental fillings are necessary to stop tooth decay after it has begun and to preserve the tooth. The restorations can restore the bite’s functionality and strengthen the tooth’s structural integrity. Additionally, the filling can stop the tooth from erupting.

  • Maintains your overall smile

Fillings have undergone many improvements, allowing for a huge range of alternatives to be accessible when a filling is needed. With a porcelain filling that mixes in with the surrounding teeth’s color to prevent it from standing out, you can keep your smile. The porcelain fillings may be undetectable, permitting you to talk or smile each day with confidence.

  • Alleviates discomfort or pain 

When cavities are ignored, porcelain or composite fillings can reduce pain by shielding the nerves and repairing the decayed area. You no longer need to be concerned about experiencing sensitivity due to the existing deterioration when consuming cold or hot foods and beverages. Additionally, a sealant can be used to shield the existing plaque on the teeth and stop new plaque or deterioration from forming.

  • Decreases infections

One of the main advantages of using dental fillings near you made of ionomers is that infections that could endanger your health if oral germs reach the pulp of the tooth are prevented. The tooth will start to die and eventually fall out after the pulp is damaged. Additionally, the infection has the potential to spread to other teeth and body parts, which could lead to serious sickness. You will require a root canal if the root becomes infected.

Looking for a Trustworthy Dentist?

You must see a dentist for dental restoration if you have tooth decay. The ideal filling will be suggested by our dentist in order to return the tooth to its original form. For an appointment at Comfort Family Dental, make an online appointment or call us right away.