Dental Bridges Near You

Restorative dentistry is an amazing thing. Why? Well, for starters, as the term illustrates, it’s a stratagem of care that is concerned with repairing your teeth so that they can function as they’re meant to. Second, it often aligns with cosmetic dentistry, meaning that their appearance will be enhanced as well.

Dental bridges are a prominent example of restorative dentistry. It is especially great if you’re dealing with gaps in your smile due to missing one or multiple teeth. If you’re looking to acquire more information about dental bridges near you, contact our local dental practice whenever it works for you.

Dental Bridges in Sundance

What is a Dental Bridge?

Essentially, a dental bridge is a prosthetic that is used to “bridge” or fill in the gap between two teeth. There are multiple types of dental bridges, which means that no matter what your situation, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you.

In addition to eliminating unnatural spaces in your smile, a dental bridge can help address other issues such as:

  • Irregular bite patterns.
  • Difficulty eating and swallowing.
  • Unnatural pain or stress on your teeth and jaw.
  • And it can increase your self-esteem.

Four types of dental bridges are available to you.

The first type of bridge is a traditional bridge. Besides being the most common type of bridge, it can be constructed from a variety of materials like metal or porcelain. This bridge is composed of an artificial tooth that fills in the space, and two dental crowns that attach to your neighboring teeth.

A cantilever bridge only attaches to a single tooth. This is especially great if you have a space that needs fixing at the back of your mouth.

Maryland dental bridges are good to keep in mind if you need a bridge placed near the front of your mouth. Often, this device is fashioned from ceramic or a combination of porcelain and metal.

Fourth, is an implant-supported bridge. Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone and provide immense support to your entire smile. They are the most affordable type of bridge.

To determine which bridge is best for you, schedule a consultation with your dentist. They will be able to walk you through the treatment from start to finish so you understand every aspect of it.

Receiving Dental Bridges Near You

Similar to receiving dental veneers and implants, you’ll need to attend two appointments to receive your dental bridge.

Your dentist will begin by examining your teeth and gums and taking a few x-rays. This helps them put together an in-depth image of your oral health. Next, molds will be made of your teeth, which in turn, help to create your dental bridge. You’ll be provided with a temporary bridge while you wait.

A few weeks later, when your permeant bridge is ready, you’ll come back for your second appointment and have it installed. Your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your device is comfortable.

At Comfort Family Dental, we provide convenient, reliable treatment for dental bridges in Calgary. Our wonderful team of dentists is here to assist you however they can. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on your dental journey!