Root Canal Therapy Near You

Ah yes, the infamous root canal. There is no shortage of “horror” stories when it comes to this treatment, but don’t believe everything that others say. In reality, root canal therapy is a safe procedure that’s performed in a controlled environment. All dentists and oral surgeons take multiple steps to ensure that you are comfortable the entire time.

Of course, it’s natural to feel anxious when you need to receive root canal therapy near you. That’s why it’s important to let your dentist know how you’re feeling and if you have any concerns.

Root Canal in Sundance

The Definition of a Root Canal

A root canal is a method of restorative dentistry, designed to repair your tooth from the inside out. The sooner you act, the more effective the treatment will be.

Located inside the core of your tooth is something known as the pulp. It’s a fleshy sac where blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves all amalgamate. It can cause you a lot of pain when it becomes infected and when it does, the pulp needs to be removed to save the rest of your tooth.

Fortunately, a fully grown tooth can survive without its pulp because your surrounding teeth will provide the nutrients and minerals necessary.

The Root Canal Process

Undergoing root canal therapy near you is a process that requires just two visits to complete.

First, you’ll need to attend a consultation with your dentist so they can determine if you’re a suitable candidate for this treatment. To do this, they’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth and take x-rays.

You’ll be given a local anesthesia injection to eliminate any pain and keep you relaxed while the dentist works. A drill will be employed to access your pulp before the decay can be fully scraped out. When it’s gone, the site will be cleaned and then sealed.

A temporary crown will be provided while your permanent one is being made at the dental lab. It should only take two to three weeks. Then, you’ll come back for a second visit to have the permanent crown installed. Your dentist will then make sure everything is normal with your bite and that the crown properly fits your tooth.

And then, you’re all set! A newly repaired smile that you can be happy to show off. You won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious about eating or talking anymore.

If you’re interested in receiving root canal therapy in Calgary, come in and visit us here at Comfort Family Dental. Taking care of your oral health is important, but so is being at ease while the treatment is being done. Our staff will do all we can to ensure that this occurs.

To get started on your dental journey, phone, or head to our website. A brand-new smile is within your reach, and we’re here to help you achieve that!